Nutrition Wellness provides individual nutrition counseling sessions in addition to group nutrition education workshops and Food-For-Life cooking classes.  Online services and in-person services available.

All services are provided by Melissa Mouton,  a Registered Dietitian, Licensed by the State of Texas, with Master's level training at Bastyr University (a leader in alternative health education).

With an emphasis on plant-based foods grown locally and sustainably, Melissa specializes in:
  •  Cancer:  prevention, nutritional management during treatment, and survivorship after treatment
  •  Type 2 Diabetes: prevention and control of diabetes with a plant-based diet
  •  Weight Management:  using a non-diet, intuitive eating approach
  •  General nutrition counseling & Education for lifelong health and wellness
Melissa teaches The Cancer Project's Nutrition Education and Cooking classes, which include Food-For-Life for Cancer Survivors and Food-For-Life Diabetes. For information about the Food For Life Nutrition Education & Cooking Classes in the Austin area click here

Melissa also has training and experience with nutritional management and prevention of heart disease and other chronic illnesses using conventional and complementary strategies. Further areas of training and experience include: food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, anti-inflammatory diets, detox and elimination diets, vegetarianism, supplement evaluation and recommendations, nutrition for HIV/AIDS, and nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy.

Wishing you health and wellness!
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Melissa Mouton, MS, RDN, LD